-----located at No. 367, Yangle Road, Shanyang Zoning, Jinshang Industrial Park, Shanghai, covers an area of 34010.8m², registered capital 21millions RMB, total investment 150millions RMB. We are engaged in the research, manufacturing and sales on Chinese Medicine Extraction Production Line, Coating, Mixing etc. advanced pharmaceutical equipments. Our main products include Supercritical CO₂ Fluid Extraction Device, Multi-function Extracting Pot, all kinds of Evaporators (Single/Double Effect Energy Saving Concentrator, Fall Film Evaporator, MVR Evaporator), Alcohol Recovery Device, Vacuum Belt Dryer, High-efficiency Intelligent Coating Machine, Universal Mixer, Pyramid Mixer etc.
We have more than 20,000m² modern factory, with a number of highly qualified professional R&D talents, have perfect quality assurance system, and have the manufacturing license on D1 and D2 Pressure Vessel.
Chengdong Medicine Machine is the industry's leading brand with more than 30 years history, a number of products are in the domestic leading level, undertakes a number of national, provincial, municipal and regional level Sci-Tech plan projects.
• Our Energy Saving Extraction and Concentration Device was listed by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2005 national Torch Plan, and won Third Prize of scientific and technological achievements by the China Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry in 2006;
• Our Digital Continuous Ultrasonic Chinese Medicine Extracting Device was listed in Zhejiang Province Major Sci-Tech Special Projects in 2009, and passed the project acceptance in 2011;
• Our Intelligent Continuous Ultrasonic Extracting Device was funded by the National SME Technology Innovation Fund (Free), and passed the project acceptance in 2012;
• We undertake multiple products’ industry standard (China Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry) drafting tasks;
• Drafted Alcohol Recovery Tower industry standards was promulgated in 2009;
• Drafted Supercritical CO² Extracting Device industry standards was promulgated in August, 2011;
• We own more than 60 Invention and Utility patent.
Our products are sold throughout the country, and exported to the United States, Mexico, Bulgaria, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Australia, Peru etc., and we enjoy high reputation among the counterpart trader and the users.
We have taken a number of construction of large-scale extraction and concentration of automatic production line of Traditional Chinese Medicine (turnkey project). The project automatic control production line on Chinese Medicine Extraction and Concentration we undertook at Guangdong Tai’an Tang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd in 2015 was already put into use. Whole process of the Chinese medicine production at Tai’an Tang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is controlled through the central control room, the production of feeding, extraction, filtration, storage, concentration, slag discharging, slag squeezing and other processes etc. achieve the entire digital monitoring and management, in line with national standards of the granular formulation production.
Tai’an Tang Intelligent Digital Traditional Chinese Medicine Extraction workshop, is an integrate automatic extraction and processing platform of traditional Chinese Medicine, covers ”Chinese Medicine Purchasing Procurement — Warehousing Scheduling — Pretreatment — Digital Control Extraction — Sample Analyzing”. It is the first ten thousand tons grade intelligent and digital production line in Eastern Guangdong area. There are equipments such as: Chinese Medicine Extraction Tank, Double Effect Concentrator, MVR Concentrator, Spherical Concentrator, Single Effect Concentrator, Alcohol Precipitation Tank, Percolation Tank, Alcohol Automatic Formulating and Recovery System, Automatic Slag Discharging System (slag discharging for water extraction, slag steam heating and discharging for alcohol extraction, slag steam heating and discharging for alcohol precipitation), CIP On-line Cleaning System, Vacuum Belt Drying, Square Vacuum Drying Units and other equipments, the composition of a full function of Traditional Chinese Medicine Automatic Extraction workshop.
No forget get rich return society, our company founder Wang Chengdong couples reward for the society, they found a full-time boarding school Wenzhou Yuexiu School in 1998, which covers an area of more than 120mu, made certain contribution for local social welfare.